Thursday, 11 April 2013


Open Link Night ~ Week 93 

My heart is a field of daisies, all fresh and fragrant. Frolicking gracefully from the kissing winds in the meadow.My heart is my life and all those I cherish I keep locked inside. All different moments, all different souls.
For every breath I take I think of you. I know you. I love you. You are my soul,my breath my very being.
Walk with me into the shadows of night as the darkness sets in among us.
Like a cloak of velvet embracing me as I grow colder. Grey skies of sadness indigo rain pouring down. I can't breath when you're not around, I begin to drown.
I am alone now, cold within my self. My heart is bare my mind is thin.
Anger echoes beneath my skin.
Unanswered questions... how could he. He reached right in and snatched my energy, my heart my core.
The rain is falling I am getting wet.
It is time are we having fun yet.
I do up the laces surrounding my heart, it's still seeping and tattered but is still very smart.
Raindrops falling upon my face. I look up as they glisten, I have to be in this place.
My feet grow stronger below my knees. This girl is awake like the raging seas.
I rise above the morbid clouds to a universe of life and sound.
Light beckons to me away from the wounds.
Now my heart is swollen not doomed.
Lying face up with my back on the ground.
I lay there and wonder, what is that sound?
I hear it beating as if brand new.
I will never let another send me to that place feeling so blue.
For loving myself is about me and not you.
Let the daisies carry me as you drift away, our time was brilliant.
Today's a new day.


  1. i always loved yer words, You, and being around you.

  2. Hmmm really...well "Anonymous" thank you I am more than flattered.???
    What is it with the hidden identity? :)

  3. so important to love ourselves and be able to see the sun again when life brought us into such dark places.. may the new day be bright and warm with new sunshine for you...

    1. It is wonderful to experience things in life and always see the sunshine:)

  4. Well said! I am a firm believer in new days.

  5. i will never let another send me to the place of feeling blue...that is a good conviction...esp when you break out of it...and take that power back for refreshing you know , when we can...

  6. Sometimes we have to pass through dark places to truly appreciate the light. If we never knew pain, we couldn't know pleasure - although I'm sure we all have hurts that we could well do without.

    I enjoyed reading this, Laura. Thanks for sharing - and for visiting my humble virtual abode.

  7. Start with daisies and end with daisies, I like that. Of course, "pushing daisies" means your dead. In my bizarre take on things, I imaged your poem as a metaphorical voyage to the underworld with rebirth at the conclusion. Which means I "get you" or I'm off the wall....

  8. I hope the new day is filled with light. Lovely write.

  9. on a similar path myself...nice write.