Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Revolution (100 word song)


Inspiration rains down from many skies
Sometimes blistering our skin to our surprise
Scratching the itch so hard it hurts
Lifting our heads until our eager minds desert
Images of what we know is right
Wanting financial freedom until our hearts delight
Making a living, only robbing our time
Scrimping and saving waiting for the bells to chime
Evolution has made us weak 
To a point maybe beyond repair
Unless you step up and choose to speak
Reach for greatness, have no bounds
Open your eyes and listen to the sounds
For in this life inspiration will come pouring down


  1. John Lennon's intent with the song was Revolution of the mind. Not only do you maste rthat with this lovely poem, but you also made me think about how we, as writers, get our inspiration(s).

    Loved this...and thanks for "singing" 100 word song

    1. Thank you so much...this means a lot to me! :)

  2. Awesome Laura...gotta admit, I'm having a HELL of a time fitting my rant into 100 words...stay tuned!

  3. Oh, nice! I love the image of inspiration pouring down.

  4. Great imagery. I love the idea of it pouring down like rain. I think sometimes it feels that way when a story idea hits me.

  5. You've captured so many wonderful images in you poem. Beautifully done.