Wednesday, 11 May 2016

My Warrior

My Warrior
Seems like years away, he seems so far
Nowhere to turn from so many scars
Wanting to hold him, dismiss his fear
A mothers heartache, a child's fear
Just want to be a superhero, a doctor and magic
Want to heal all his pain, confusion and static
Feeling every ounce of hurt
Shattered mind and tattered shirt
He is a part of my soul
Guiding him, leading him, my final goal
Praising him for just opening his eyes
Waking up is the step today
Why does he ask is it so far away
Tiny and frail
Grown up, the holy grail
Don't mistake a journey as a sentence
all I ask you to see
Is the joy that awaits you
Once this monster sets you free
Keep fighting, keep walking
One step at a time
Your path to your magic is worth the climb
Id take all your anger, Id lock it away
If only you can stay each and every day
Don't ever leave me
Don't let it win
You are profound and superior you see
You have a purpose its miraculous and true
Just believe in yourself ...just like I do

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Lost little soul

When I see you there, looking off in a distant stare
I wonder if you'll let it go, if we will ever know where
Where we will be, if it's us or just me?
Asking often if I'm the one, or are you in this just for fun?
Too many times my hearts been used
Ripped up, shredded and abused
Just be truthful, real and true
Tell me is this really you?
did you tell me who you were
Create the perfect man for me
Told me all you thought I wanted to hear
Or tell me really was it all just fear?
Scared of living in this world alone, wandering,questioning lost little soul

Thursday, 19 November 2015


Masquerade of minds

Putting my face on
A smile like a cloak
Hiding what is really there
This thing called life
No joke
Dress up your mind
What you see isn't really there
You trick yourself
It's all fair

Tuesday, 11 November 2014


Like whip cream on a cherry pie
From my lips to you I cannot tell a lie
A place where time means nothing
As it stands still when I'm with you
A warm wool blanket like I'm wrapped up in you
I beg of you dont ever hurt me
Please dont bring me pain
All I need from you is love and never shame
My heart is already set on you
My mind sees nothing else
Walk with me,talk with me for in this life we dwell
A paper is just a paper, a name is just a name
Our love is true and like fire never is it a game
I am captured by your gentleness, Im addicted to your words
Knowing fate is on our side this could never be absurd
Put your toes into the sea with me
Let the sand wash the hurt away
For now we together will only see better days

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

100 Word Song – Sweethearts

My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog

Sun shining in
Sweet potato pie
Little dresses with frills on the side
Mourning the loss an era so true
Where boys held doors and girls manners weren’t crude
A music so appreciated each note was heard
When love was obvious not absurd
Vintage romance sitting in cars looking at stars
Simple things like candy and kites on strings
Dinner at the table
A nursery rhyme or fable
A kiss on our child’s forehead now foreign it seems
Like an A on a report card still makes me beam
Keeping the good times real
Cause that’s just how I feel

dVerse ~ Poets Pub`Week 96

Harmful static all around
Hitching a ride without a sound
Nameless little armies marching about
Making me angry wanting to shout
Take back your horror make it all stop
No place in this world for violence and shock
Let the flowers bloom into color and shine
Let the world go with just peace in mind
Tired of demons taking over our home
Kill them with kindness and then they will go
Embrace all the heartache and see the spirit glow


Thursday, 9 May 2013

100 Word Song – Feeling Good

Roots at the bottom of my feet
Grounding me fluently hello we greet
Wake up violently, vigorous knowing my strength
My sparkling soul will dance and fight to any length
I am loud and I am free
I am exactly where I am supposed to be
Mirrors can't compare
As it just wouldn't be fair
My inner beauty pierces through like thunder
I smile as the crowd walking by wonders
My voice is singing
My dainty feet are screaming
Watching the clouds go by
Hearing every cricket cry
Accepting all that could go wrong
Turning it into a wonderful song