Tuesday, 11 November 2014


Like whip cream on a cherry pie
From my lips to you I cannot tell a lie
A place where time means nothing
As it stands still when I'm with you
A warm wool blanket like I'm wrapped up in you
I beg of you dont ever hurt me
Please dont bring me pain
All I need from you is love and never shame
My heart is already set on you
My mind sees nothing else
Walk with me,talk with me for in this life we dwell
A paper is just a paper, a name is just a name
Our love is true and like fire never is it a game
I am captured by your gentleness, Im addicted to your words
Knowing fate is on our side this could never be absurd
Put your toes into the sea with me
Let the sand wash the hurt away
For now we together will only see better days

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