Thursday, 9 May 2013

100 Word Song – Feeling Good

Roots at the bottom of my feet
Grounding me fluently hello we greet
Wake up violently, vigorous knowing my strength
My sparkling soul will dance and fight to any length
I am loud and I am free
I am exactly where I am supposed to be
Mirrors can't compare
As it just wouldn't be fair
My inner beauty pierces through like thunder
I smile as the crowd walking by wonders
My voice is singing
My dainty feet are screaming
Watching the clouds go by
Hearing every cricket cry
Accepting all that could go wrong
Turning it into a wonderful song


  1. I felt like I could hear the music behind the words. Very lyrical... my favorite line: "My dainty feet are screaming" gave a big voice to something small.

  2. I really liked the whole piece, but "My inner beauty pierces through like thunder" was flippin' Golden!

  3. I am loud and I am free. The essence of that song, captured in a beautiful piece!

  4. I love the dainty feet line. This was almost a song in itself. Great 100. One of my favorites. Thank you.