Wednesday, 11 May 2016

My Warrior

My Warrior
Seems like years away, he seems so far
Nowhere to turn from so many scars
Wanting to hold him, dismiss his fear
A mothers heartache, a child's fear
Just want to be a superhero, a doctor and magic
Want to heal all his pain, confusion and static
Feeling every ounce of hurt
Shattered mind and tattered shirt
He is a part of my soul
Guiding him, leading him, my final goal
Praising him for just opening his eyes
Waking up is the step today
Why does he ask is it so far away
Tiny and frail
Grown up, the holy grail
Don't mistake a journey as a sentence
all I ask you to see
Is the joy that awaits you
Once this monster sets you free
Keep fighting, keep walking
One step at a time
Your path to your magic is worth the climb
Id take all your anger, Id lock it away
If only you can stay each and every day
Don't ever leave me
Don't let it win
You are profound and superior you see
You have a purpose its miraculous and true
Just believe in yourself ...just like I do

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