Wednesday, 15 May 2013

dVerse ~ Poets Pub`Week 96

Harmful static all around
Hitching a ride without a sound
Nameless little armies marching about
Making me angry wanting to shout
Take back your horror make it all stop
No place in this world for violence and shock
Let the flowers bloom into color and shine
Let the world go with just peace in mind
Tired of demons taking over our home
Kill them with kindness and then they will go
Embrace all the heartache and see the spirit glow



  1. I so agree. There is so much outside noise, confusion that brings agitation into our sacred spaces. Very nicely rhymed.

  2. "Harmful static..." Such a perfect simile for the hatred and violence that seems to pervade our generation. And one seems helpless to avoid it, much less to erase it. We can't even stamp out hunger in the richest nation ever to exist, I can't imagine how we will stop wars. Odd that regarding the highest salaried of us, (and as though money were the guage of societal concern,) we place our highest importance on grown men who play games for a living - despite the fact that there are American children right now who are starving. I'm afraid the system itself is doused with purest evil, allowing us to believe if we don't see it then it doesn't exist and to continue to believe that Sunday's kick off is the most important thing in life.... The unencumbered reality is that it's not just our generation. Battling Centurians are not truly that different from battling linebackers. A little less gore I presume. And what impetus does the good man have to stand and speak out about it? He'll be fed to the lions while the rest of society watches and snickers at his sheer foolishness for daring to take a stand. Or converesly to be seen and labeled any number of politically correct terms de jour, from bleeding heart liberal to insane madman. But as once said roughly by someone important somewhere, "Bad things happen when good men do nothing..." In any event, sorry for taking over your page here but certain things tend to get my pen flowing.... I should have just left it at "Harmful Static," because really, that says it all.....

  3. Your poetry really sings - you must be a song-writer at heart.