Wednesday, 29 August 2012


So many statues roaming free
Trying to find out where they should be
Racing with time to fit it all in
Wasting their days behind media,lies and sin
So hear my voice and listen closely as I say
Be happy,be grateful when you wake up each day
Open your eyes to the sights and your ears to the sounds
Walk outside in the morning barefoot,dew on the ground
Feel the wind on your face and the rain on your skin
Embrace each second as to where you have been
Life is a gift we so rarely see
We rush it and misuse it as plan B
Smile,breath,listen and learn
Live your life fully just be absurd
Be silly and foolish,laugh and play
Treat each moment as it could be your last day
Be caring and grateful
Forgiving and carefree
Wake up now
Before it's too late

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