Tuesday, 14 August 2012


For my long time amazing,talented friend Krista:

Hiding behind this vicious image
An image the world has chosen to believe
When if for just one moment you look briefly just at me
A true form of art in all it's beauty
Vibrant, sexy and misconstrued
Voluptuous in all the right places for this is the true view
Stand with me my dear female for you are beautiful beyond compare
Take my hand and fly with me cause I will get you there
As women we don't stand alone we clasp each other bare
We raise our voices, stomp our feet and then we make them stare
Those who have loud voices will surely get heard
Tiny, people of skin and bones well that's just absurd
Bring on the sexy pin ups of true times years ago
Where waists and cleavage broke the mold
Ladies,classy in our thirty's confidant and stunning
We don't need treadmills to keep us running
Sexy is as sexy does...
Watch out real world cause here we come
We live for our own image a mirror means nothing when it's in our hearts
Men that love us and all we have to offer
Curves and something real to hold onto,something not bony but softer
Snap that shot...strike that pose
Clasp in your teeth that rose
For sexy is in your attitude and baby girl...trust me it shows
You are magnificent and gorgeous just to look at or through a lens
Keep us all smiling, they better say their amens
For true beauty is upon us the outcome just depends

For my long time amazing,talented friend Krista

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