Thursday, 16 August 2012

For With Us

I have never felt a love like this
Something so strong and sweet
The mere thought of your voice
Makes my whole body weak
Wishing I could spend every waking hour
Wrapped up in your arms
Feeling your warmth next to me
If you were the rain I'd want a constant shower
Baby be my blanket on a frigid December night
Let me be the secret in your ear before days light
Don't mask your inner darkness for me both must see
Be each others soldier in the tallest tree
Please be the lipstick I place upon my lips
Losing all my sanity my mouth like honey drips
In this sea of madness you are all that makes sense
For with us there's no wall nor even fence
Unzipper your soul and let me climb in
Let me feel you baby and everywhere you've been

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