Wednesday, 6 June 2012

(100 word song-elephant) That Sound

Marbles strewn upon the ground
Reaching out his heart, that sound
Asking for forgiveness and defeat
Embellishing the anguish so as to not repeat
Play me like your guitar
All your passion in your pick
Forgotten kisses, faded lipstick
Once again I’m stranded
For your burn it left me branded
A hurricane of hungry
A thirsty bar only for free
A destiny sought after
Like a symphony you flee
Leave my soul to crumble
Don’t worry lover I like to stumble
For in this life so humble
I challenge all the pain and trouble
For on you now it’s double


  1. Wicked word weaving Laura...and this applies to both 100 Word pieces (Time is short...real world SUCKS!) Loved how dark you got with Possession, and I danced a similar path with the elephant

  2. It's so rocker girl gritty I could see lance stealing it for his Helene Troy story. Loved it.