Wednesday, 13 June 2012

D verse Open Link Night Wk 48(All of This)

Sometimes fascinated by a life within
Slivers of solace where our minds have been
Born into a light beginning from a thought
Growing rapidly attitudes caught
Forever trying to surrender with nowhere to go
Just a drop in a river and so it flows
Eager to flourish in this cascade of life
Forced to propel fierce blade of a knife
Clever like nature rooting and blooming
Smiles and anger continually fuming
Rainbows of color up in the sky
Ages of glory all rules we defy
Gripping his hand as I slip away
Forever wanting and needing to stay
Like an old record all scratched
Thorns wound and heal fast
All of this embracement will never last
Echos torching our feelings within
Welcoming our creations from where we have been
Dawn of a new day
Wet grass from the dew
All that is right will find it's way to you
Sit and just listen
Here your music and song
Life is a gift, and to it you belong

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