Tuesday, 19 June 2012

dverse open link night week 49(Soon)

For it was the darkest of all nights in wrath
She beckoned him to surrender into her bath
The water warm with their embrace
Flesh upon flesh their true hearts race
Brittle finger nails set into backs
Hair all strewn their bodies maps
Lips closing like vice grips and glue
The water a cushion to this witch's brew
Time shifts in her favor the night is soon through
She wishes and wants and so cleverly ensues
Like the hands on a clock so slowly move
She's like a siren with her love she soothes
Bringing him into her spell
If he grows sick she will make him well
Cleansing their past as they love it away
Calling on the Goddess to keep it at bay
More vivid and scarlet her courses they came
They took him and rescued him but cast no blame
For when the heart is cursed
When there is so much room to grow
You must let the seasons change you and let your demons go
Open up your heart and soul once more
Let love enrapture you and let you soar
For his true kisses will be like dew upon your lip
His devotion for you will never slip
Loving is forgiveness and life in all it's glory
Living again and letting go it's the beginning of your story.
Let sunshine be your breakfast & falling in love be your lunch
Let supper be your happiness & hope become your brunch



  1. nice...those last two lines are perfect....some really great touches throughout...first, a shared bath...mmm...nice...hands slow as the clock hands...nice....the compassion and care...i like...smiles.

  2. Interesting treatment of the theme with the rhymed couplet scheme in a sustained voice.