Tuesday, 5 June 2012

(dVerse) Who are you now?

Clash of the Titans
A Powerful Play
Sitting like a duchess
Saying come boy...now stay.
Cat chasing mouse or mouse chasing cat.
Like an old movie a vivid mind blower
Turn the reel back and make it go slower.
Ink from a needle piercing the skin.
Enraged with frustration churning within.
Fragile pages in an old book turn to dust.
Ashes to ashes a duty we must.
Take our chances like a train on the tracks.
Racing to finish the screen turns to black.
Hands touching body mud slathered on.
No where to go but to belong.
Dirt on our faces no longer disgraces.
Climb out of the cavern and show your true places.
Ring on fingers...a pathway and a vow.
Look at you creature...who are you now?
A tiny thread of silk in a web.
You made it now lie in it...you have created your bed.



  1. oh my...there is a nice attitude underneath this...foundations trembling a bit...some sentimental lines as well...the desire to turn the movie back a bit...looking around and wondering where it all went...

    1. Thank you so much...I always enjoy and appreciate your feedback!

  2. Ha! There's Brian! Nowhere can I go without seeing his charming Avatar. (We are friends, OK?--grin!)

    About your poem, which I sure enjoyed. Fun for me to see how many directions your mind could take you, and yet seeming to walk a straight line.
    I have to tell you short story:

    A relative of mine, many years ago, was General Mgr of a prominent, 4-Star resort. Once during coffee I hoped that his job did not overwhelm him. He said, "Oh! It's nothing. I say to one, 'GO' and he goeth. To another I say 'COME' and he cometh!"

    We both laughed over that, the simplicity which portrayed his life and its responsibilities. From that moment 50 years ago, my iown life turned to one free of anxiety about things over which I had no control.

    Telling this story was YOUR fault--YOU triggered the memory, right?
    PEACE, Miss Laura A Day!

    OH! Thank you for visiting, otherwise we'd not have met here tonight!