Wednesday, 18 July 2012


Your heart and mind are finally free
Remembering our moments beneath the trees
You whispered softly and your soul was bare
You looked at me and knew you could share
I hope you felt loved and I hope you felt safe
If even for a moment with that smile on your face
Soar high my dear friend for your wings fly free
Taking you swiftly to your place of peace
May the rivers run long and the sea be warm
May happiness surround you and keep you warm
I saw deep into your soul & heart
I knew who you were from the very start
Your first song over the phone to me
No woman, no cry it was meant to be
The gazebo in August as the train whistle blew
Together in this life we both grew
I take with me now your voice and song
Not one moment with you was ever wrong
Forgiveness is a beautiful thing
Like your voice and it’s freedom will forever sing

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