Monday, 30 July 2012

I Breath

So I ask myself so many questions. People come and people go from our lives. Some that go make us better people. Negative minds create negative moments. I love how you sometimes run into someone randomly and within the first two minutes of the conversations they have already complained about something. It's too hot, it's too cold, the kid's are driving me crazy. I work too much, I'm bored.
Well I'm breathing and I'm thankful. for every negative thing a person says to you try responding with something positive. You will be surprised by their reaction. I rely on nobody but myself when it comes to my life and how I choose to value it. We live in this world and we very easily fall into the habitual ways of the thought dweller. Wanting,wondering, over thinking. Can't we just breath and live and be happy just because we can. So often I hear people talk about all of the things they can't control. Have they ever asked themselves what they CAN control? We have the power to manifest exactly what we want or how we choose to feel.
People suffer from depression...give them a pill. I'm not saying some people don't need to be medicated all I'm saying is surround that person with love and understanding. Positive thought and hope can go a long way. All people want in this life is to be happy...loved and content. I feel like I have spent my whole life trying to figure it all out. What "IT" is I'm still not sure and now I'm choosing to be in the mindset of"who really cares what "IT" is?
I wake up...I breath...I smile...I live.

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