Friday, 27 July 2012


What a tangled web we weave. Sometimes of our own choosing,other times by fate. To speak freely as I feel I should in this life...Nature is what I see as my Church. My place of soul searching and true acceptance. I choose to believe in what I can actually see and feel. Am I Wiccan? Am I Pagan? I'm sure I believe alot of the same things as those whom choose to label themselves however for me...I am just me. I am Laura. I am a lover of life, a nurturer of nature, an animal tamer, a trampoline jumper, a beachcomber, a sandcastle builder, a cookie maker, player of music and so much more. Yes I have been called crazy. They can call me what they want. I will run into the freezing cold ocean with all my clothes on or stand in the middle of a field of long grass arms spread wide just the hear the sounds. I am living. Is that not the point. So many people wonder and ask...what is my purpose? It isn't rocket science...the purpose is to LIVE...and LOVE living. Life is a miracle and it is a gift. Sleeping under the stars in silence. Feeling the waves against your body, hearing music in your ears. Amazing.

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