Monday, 30 July 2012

I See

Struggling to hold the hands of time
Reaching for forgiveness, it's not hard to find.
Scared and frigid from fears in your past
Visions and thoughts racing tears that clash
Slivers of smiles dance across your face
Tragedy struck me as this became your fate
Not wanting to remember what sorrow you faced
Wishing I could tell you makes my heart melt
Wishing you saw how we all felt
Feelings of sadness flush through me now
I see you, I feel head will not bow
For now when I think of you
This is all I see
Flashes of freedom, train whistles, our tree
Nobody really matters as they didn't know
All of the fabulous places that you still will go
Now your fears have vanished
There's no one left to scream
Just comfort and quiet and musical dreams
I picture you smiling,carefree guitar in hand
Playing for us all ,life's Music Man

In Memory of a dear friend, I'll never forget you
Julian Bennett

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