Wednesday, 1 May 2013

No More Questions ~ OpenLinkNight ~ Week 94

Crimson embers burning at the bottom of the sea
A whispering echo in the night that beckons me
I wait as the minute hand lingers on
Take me with you to where you have gone
Long summer grass that caresses my feet
Embraced within your soul is where we will finally meet
Wanting and pleading each moment of every day
Wishing you will come to me and stay
With the tailgate down and the stars all around
I know this is destiny in you I found
Lying next to you as the peepers sing
No longer asking myself what this will bring
Just letting life happen like the change of the season
Never giving up no longer searching for a reason
Your lips wet like wine, your fingers locked in mine
No more questions just spending time
Lost in your eyes, no way to rewind
Bare feet and jumping in, baby I hope you can swim
Just love me hard and never let go
Climb life's tree, go out on a limb
Kisses like nectar, the feel of your skin
So many memories of where we have been


  1. Skillfully rhymed and full of very tender longing and emotions. Hope "he" gets the message!

  2. I love your poetic voice in this, Laura. So simply stated, and yet beautiful. I'm gonna go out on a limb, and guess you're a country girl.

    1. Going out on a limb suits you as I am indeed very much a country girl. :)

  3. ha. nice...i like that you used peepers as well...smiles...i did earlier this week as well...hey i am all for bare feet and jumping in...smiles...

  4. Simply Beautiful and brilliant. Great job.