Thursday, 2 May 2013

Hopeful~100 Word Song – Heavenly Day~

Hopeful visions through my eyes
Wishing and wanting for a sweet surprise
A water so pure nothing to fear
Violence but a memory the future is clear
No heaven no hell no in between
Just enrapturing sunshine like nothing we have ever seen
Skin like ginger velvet, lips like chardonnay
A sweet succulent thistle begging you to stay
A rusted vintage truck painted red
Deserted in a vacant blissful flower bed
Listening softly to all that he said
Take my hand sweet butterfly, swiftly walk with me
I’ll take you where your heart and the whole world can finally see


  1. "Skin like ginger velvet, lips like chardonnay" Love that line. So many beautiful lines. It flows wonderfully.

  2. Such a glowing post, and "Violence but a memory" the most liberating part. Nice!

  3. This was really flowy and poetic but in a strong way. I felt empowered by this ebacuse of your imagery and word choices. Great 100.