Tuesday, 22 May 2012

(Dverse-open link night Caught)

Moments of madness caught in time
Capturing a thought or feeling that was mine
Holding a second of love caught in a frame
Happiness lingers life is no game
Cherishing splinters a split click we make
Looking back no poses nothing fake
The fluid motion a smile or smirk
A hint of animosity a gesture we make
Travel in time through the fragile lens
No way of hiding nothing depends
A soul caught on fire burning the truth
No simple Simon or super sleuth
Tears frozen on cheeks and laughter held with glue
Everything stuck solid all barren and true


  1. I enjoyed reading your words ~ punctuated & stark ~ here love exists in what is true!

  2. vivid and intense...all barren and true...a soul caught burning...you got some wicked flow going through there..