Tuesday, 8 May 2012


Okay so I guess this says it all...these blogs are going to be "shareable " so to speak.For all who have known me you have never seen my secret blog pages about myself.My dating diaries,my bitching,my repeating...but that's ok.I decided it was time to Life Clean instead of just Spring clean if you know what I mean. Life only gives back what you choose to put into it right? The reason I chose not to share my past web pages and Blogs was well...merely for the fact that I wasn't ready to be judged. Now I am confident and secure and can take whatever the world has to give to me...I will stand proud and strong to take the word of whomever feels they are comfortable enough to respond.These are all my own personal thoughts, feelings and opinions so it should never be taken as offensive or personal to anyone. It is a place to be free and alive and share my viewpoints with my world. so blog away with me on this new chapter of my life.
Another day to set it all straight
Here I am awakened by the same question...what's my purpose? Oh yeah my purpose I simply remind myself is just being here,living my life truthfully and with soul and laughter. So many people in and out of our lives. Makes me wonder if my life is actually a movie for the pure entertainment of those watching. I have made choices over the years,which path to take,which friend to get rid of...okay dismiss from my life not actually "get rid of" although in some cases it would have been an easier solution I'm almost certain. I ask myself sometimes why it takes so long to think about certain things. I think I waste more time questioning things then enjoying them? I have a whole new outlook...:) Caret o join me?

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