Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Over 100 words I got carried away

Being together is like silk fabric entwined within each other's very soul
Spending each and every moment as one, waiting to grow old
Feeling their breath upon your skin
Like thousands of fireflies swarming within
The softest touch as he passes you by
Wanting and lustful,sinful and sly
His whispers beckoning within the night
Hoping he will awaken with tomorrow's light
Hold me you beg just one more time
To rummage inside his soul would be simply sublime
Un-zipper his exterior and climb inside
For without him as your limb you cannot survive
An intricate kiss of luke warm lips
His callused hands settling briefly on your hips
Taking it all in...what an amazing trip
Such an addiction this adoring phase
Hoping that you get years instead of days
A constant desire like drugs you can't have
A love sick puppy, his kisses like salve
A wound so deep if he ever leaves
Never to love again she believes
For every thought would cut me no slack
To the image of my heart and what was left is all a crack
So only bright tomorrows and thinking good thoughts
As this addiction grows stronger and there's no going back


  1. A sinful and wicked addiction...oh right...I kicked that habit ;) Color me a pen wielding house wife! lol Awesome Laura