Friday, 25 May 2012

Free Write Friday (Journey)

At moments I remember what it was like.Viewing the in the world as a child.
Waking up and the biggest decision was what kind of cereal to have for breakfast.
Watching the stars now is a second of time that I struggle to find in this sometimes chaotic place I call my life.
My mind often bound down with hints of fury, frustration and excitement. I often rewind to my inner child just to breathe a little. I look around me some days motivated to seek out this "old" life. the one i used to know. Happiness has no boundaries or limitations unless we ourselves create them. I challenge myself and my children every single day to make sure we don't lose sight of our purpose. My purpose after much pondering brought my thinking brain to the not surprising conclusion that my one and only purpose is simple. It is for me...just to be. Be the best mother,sister,daughter,friend,soul mate & human that I can possibly be. I am not body is not perfect...nothing on me is anywhere near perfect,but it is me. I am me...a strong,confident,goal chasing woman. I am driven and determined to dent this lifetime with something significant and the roadway and journey while doing so has been and will continue to be such a joy.
Watching friends children and my own laugh so hard their bellies and jaws burn...catching frogs...watching the sunset quietly...running into the freezing cold ocean. This life is but a story and I demand from myself to make sure I see it whole heartily and unrated! Sometimes as humans we get so caught up in working,providing and the almighty dollar we forget to stop and smell the roses so to speak. I could have all the money in the world and not have love and be miserable and incomplete. Put me in a shack in the woods with only the ones I love and smiles are by the thousands. A true testament to yourself...when was the last time you were social with friends online,how many times over the last 4 weeks. Now ask yourself when was the last time you called a friend and laughed and talked on the phone until your ear hurt, or showed up to see a friend and just spent time together.
In this technologically inclined world it almost seems easier to take the hour on the computer to catch up on what's been going on then to just step outside and find out all on your own. The easy way out...the quick way...but is it the best way for you? I actually called a friend as I often do and she was almost surprised to hear my voice. Yes my voice...not text...not instant message or email. The gift of my voice. Brilliant really. When you think of an old movie it always seems to make me think of the family sit down supper,homework time,together time. Imagine back when there wasn't electricity. People rose with the sun and settled with the sunset...couples scurried children off to bed to have their moments after a long day to sit with one another by candlelight. We are often missing out on the cheapest,simplest dating samples set by history,and for what? The next episode of survivor?
I wish for all to see...set back the hands of mind and restart your inner ambition to really live your life.


  1. It is insightful that the questions that are born of our quietest thoughts are those we need to pay most attention to.

  2. Hello Laura! So awesome to have you write for FWF! Thanks so much! I loved your story! I wish I could write shorts like this but, I just do not have the knack for it. You immersed me in this and I adore that! Thank you for writing for me and I look forward to having you back next week!

    Also, if you're on Twitter, tweet me(@kellie_elmore) with the #FWF hashtag and I will RT your link!

    Great read, again!