Tuesday, 22 May 2012

(100 Word Song Lacuna Coil- Within Me)

A river of darkness
Ocean with no soul
Earth that's all crowded
Death as it's only goal
Deep within,sadness echos loud
It's message bitter, out in a crowd
It's voice is valiant and clear and rude
No tears for the angry it's violent and crude
Take no prisoners on this quest
For carbon copies will do their best
Words often misconstrued and bleeding
Take your last breath for this world is feeding
Feasting on the cruelness breeding within
Luring the darkest secrets,let's begin
Take a bow as the dungeon star
For on this stage you will go far


  1. oy not necessarily a world i want to play in...maybe riot against but...smiles.

  2. This is an anthem to stir in a crusade against darkness

  3. "ocean with no soul" - that's just lyrical and powerful all on its own.

    I like how you went from interpretation to representation of your own theme. this is an excellent 100. well done

  4. All of your lines are full of meaning, but I liked the line "Words often misconstrued and bleeding". So true. Your poetry is beautiful, even though this is dark, still a beauty to it.