Tuesday, 15 May 2012

dVerse-OpenLinkNight — Week 44


A soft sexiness washes over me
Leading me into oblivion into the deep dark sea
Cascading to the ocean bed
Water cleansing and covering me
A soul left out in the wilderness a beast for all to see
Watching through the branches how the world beckons to perceive me
Eyes glancing from beneath the waves if only they could know
That with the light upon them they will surely grow
Strong arms reach down and embrace me
Swimming to the surface
Re birthing me and giving me my purpose
Face forward, I begin to speak
For I am no longer weak
My eyes stay open my mind awake
My future awaits me, my sanity's at stake
Pillage my mind, it's like a carnival ride
Lots of freakish happiness inside
Pluck my strings like on a newly tuned guitar
Trust me my friend it will take you far.


  1. OpenLinkNight AND 100WordSong...girl you are rolling! Love the line...lots of freakish happiness...I mean,come on...there's no better happy!

  2. haha this was fun...i am all for freakish happiness and carnival rides...smiles....

  3. Very playful on its wordplay, though its sexual tension creates suspense and mystery.

  4. You used some amazing symbols in this...especially the water references. It felt like a dream world to me.