Tuesday, 22 May 2012

I Wonder

A love so deep I never thought I'd know
Growing into you with lots of places to go
Wanting a life with you so true
Needing to hear forever  just from you
Seeing you hurt, so much pain you've been through
wanting you to see life in all it's glory
Wondering and hoping we will have a story
Some decisions to be made
maybe i'll never know
If what we have is solid or whether it will have to go
feeling you touch me
Knowing it's real
Please take my hand baby for my heart you did steal
Make me be your lover
let me be your friend
Let your wall down,you no longer need it to defend
I love you with no judgement
It's only love I send
Cover me with kisses,shower me with love
I'll take you under cover you fit me like a glove
Please take away these tears I feel welling up inside
I'm afraid your fears and mine collide
If you had to choose I wonder what it's be
A drink from that bottle or a happy life with me

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