Tuesday, 8 May 2012


Really?Some people really don't get it. They can be so rude! I wish everyone would realize sometimes how badly they treat people. Sometimes you'd think half of the world's population are all miserable and have nothing to live for.I mean yes I will admit a majority of the world works a huge percentage of their life to pay for the house and the car and food and kids...when do we actually get to enjoy all that?Oh yeah when we are retired and too old to do anything. that's how most people look at it. I believe that life is just a huge practice run ya know.We are all here to learn things about ourselves and we will keep repeating it over and over again until we finally get it right.So..i am not a supermodel...I'm not glamorous...my body's far from perfect...but I am me. I have to make the best of who I am and the personal things that i do have. We can all make a contribution in this world in so many ways. I try to be the kindest person I can all the time. I love people whether they are nice or not. The people who are not nice are already miserable so me hating them or not liking them isn't going to make it any different for them only for me.I say be true to who you are always. Never lie to yourself. Be happy. follow your heart no matter what. No point in living a life based on what other people want for you. Everyone's moment of truth will come...where you will sit back, buckle your seat belt and actually start to enjoy the drive!

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