Wednesday, 23 May 2012


I want to know what tomorrow will bring
I need all the answers now
For if I jump in with both feet
I'm bound to drown in the deep
I burrow within not wanting to hurt
I start to run scared at the first sign of hope
Why do I tremble at the thought of an end
Why can't I swallow before I descend
Why can't I welcome the love of a friend
When you're heart has been torn out
Your soul burnt up in smoke
There's nowhere left to go
I lie here frigid and broke
Follow me my hero never let me go
Lift me up and wrap me up long before you know
Lead me not into temptation
Just paint this whole damned nation
Bearing myself to love is nothing that I need
For only desperation and fear begin to feed
Leave me in my blanket
Covered and safe and warm
Only wishing for true happiness
Eternity forever swarms

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