Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Forever is all I see
When I wake up next to you forever is all I see
Looking at you eyes still closed baby you're all I need
Loving every moment of this new life with you
Cherishing each second in all that we do
Knowing forever isn't going to be long enough with you
When I'm close to you in your embrace
A forever smile comes across my face
A feeling of calmness covers me
Listening and feeling what will be will be
All in time you always say
Waiting and wanting each and every day
With you forever is all I see
For you are all I need
How fast our lives flash before our eyes
Evil illness comes in disguise
A living person so full of life
How do the fates decide who's naughty or nice?
The pain that all will feel
Such greed to take someone
Fate certainly can't feel
A face full of laughter hiding all the fear
Just to help her babies as her end draws near
Nothing to worry about, don't be afraid
Live your life to the fullest with all that I've made
A love that will go on forever in our hearts
forever gone in sadness but forever in our hearts

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